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Real Estate Management - a Question of Trust

We want to design livable living spaces, move forward in a modern way and know that your property is securely placed in the market. We have an eye on developments and your prop- erty at heart, something we have been doing for over 10 years.

WEG Verwaltung Potsdam

Property Management

We work with people and bring together different interests. In doing so, we take on all the services entrusted to us with expertise and transparency vis-à-vis our clients. Managing means shaping together.


Our focus is on the holistic optimization of your property. Our core competencies include the implementation of rent adjustments and monitoring renovations and improvements in the individual apartments. A sustainable dunning process in case of rent arrears is a matter of course for us. Our goal of strengthening the close relationship with our tenants and emphasizing the service concept is accomplished with a weekly tenant consultation hour.

Your common property is close to our hearts. Management of owners associations includes the maintenance and repair of your property as well as constant cost optimization. We advise the owners association on planned investments and support the implementation. The activities associated with the management of an owners association is very extensive and therefore require appropriate knowledge of the manager. The responsibilities of the manager of an owners association are derived from §§ 27, 28 Wohneigentumsgesetz (WEG - German Condominium Act), the Declaration of Property Division and the contract with the property manager. These essentially include the following activities:   
Financial Support of the Common Property
  • Management of the bank accounts of the owners association
  • Collection and monitoring of common charges and other payments of the owners and, if necessary, their enforcement in dunning proceedings
  • Settlement and monitoring of the owners association's financial liabilities and, if necessary, defense against unjustified claims
  • Maintenance of the accounting of all income and expenses of the owners association
  • Timely preparation of the respective annual statement (i.e. regularly not later than three months and in individual cases up to six months after the end of the business year) including special consideration for provisions with regard to the maintenance of the property
  • Preparation of the business plan for the coming fiscal year
  • Suggestions for cost savings, for example by asking for offers from competing insurers and service providers or requesting estimates from different craftsmen for necessary maintenance and repair work
Constructional and Technical Supervision of the Common Property
  • Regular inspections of the common property to assess the structural and/or technical condition (such as facade, roofing, staircases, hallways, basement corridors, laundry and drying rooms, any common rooms, heating and boiler room, satellite-system, elevator if applicable, access routes to the property, garden areas, areas for waste containers, etc.) Determination and notification of the condominium owners of necessary
  • Determination and information of the owners about necessary maintenance and renovation works
  • Assignment and supervision of the necessary maintenance and repair work
  • Safeguarding of traffic safety obligations (e.g. awarding of winter road maintenance ser- vices)
In the broadest sense legal support of the common property
  • Convening of the owners association's meetings including the preparation of the necessary draft resolutions
  • Chairing of the owners association's meeting
  • Preparation of minutes of the respective meeting
  • Administration of the library of minutes
  • Drafting and controlling contracts for the owners association, for example with the caretaker or the cleaners for the staircases
  • Advising the owners association on matters of common property in accordance with the WEG
  • Instruction of a lawyer in case of disputes of the owners association, provided that the property manager has been authorized to do so by the owners association.

Management of individually-owned property is a kind of reduced form of rental management, whereby the manager is solely responsible for the individually-owned property. Even though the manager of individually-owned property and the manager for the common property do not have to be identical: the assignment of the manager of the common property with the management of individually-owned property offers the advantage that the manager is already familiar with the property as a whole and its conditions.


Our concept of the management of your property as a cycle in a highly dynamic and complex market is the support and best possible promotion of all circumstances connected to your property. Let's start with the right tenant for your property.


Acting on behalf of the Owner of Individually-owned Property
  • Renting (see separate section below)
  • Processing of the rent deposit
  • Providing the lessor confirmation for local authorities
  • Management of the rent accounts (incoming and outgoing payments)
  • Review of the annual accounts
  • Review of invoices and supporting documents of the owners association
  • Preparation of the annual account of service charges
  • Hiring and acceptance of craftsmen's work
  • Reading the meters
  • Implementation of legal requirements
  • Rent adjustment (e.g. after improvements) or rent increase according to rent index
  • Full correspondence with the tenant
  • Keeping all records of the rented apartment

We optimize your property by regularly reviewing costs and commissioning required maintenance work. 

We offer all the services required by an administration in an all-round carefree pack- age: im Rundum-sorglos-Paket an:
  • Review and administration of possible rent increases, effective asset management
  • Accounting for all income and expenses of the rental property
  • Effective dunning system for rent arrears
  • Preparation of the statement of the service charge
  • Regular inspection of technical equipment by qualified personnel
  • Conclusion and regular review of maintenance contracts
  • Commissioning of craftsmen and service providers
  • Correspondence with tenants, service providers and authorities
  • Regular review of the various contracts (insurances, etc.)
Mietverwaltung Potsdam


As an experienced trustee, we market your property and find suitable tenants for you. This includes checking the credit check of tenants, drawing up rental contract in accordance with all legal requirements, handing over and accepting the apartment. 

  • Advising the owner on the determination of a fair market rent
  • Preparation of the exposé
  • Placement of advertisements (internet, print media, etc.) 
  • Viewings appointments with prospective tenants
  • Credit check of prospective tenants
  • Preparation of rental agreements in accordance with all legal requirements
  • Apartment handover (incl. handover protocol)
  • Apartment acceptance (incl. acceptance protocol)
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Sale of Individually-owned Apartments

In cooperation with our partner Prisa Immobilienconsulting GmbH, we take on the responsible task of selling your apartment. In addition, we accompany project developments of various property developers. We are at your side for all project phases, from project planning, marketing and sales, to the support of individual buyers during the construction phase, assistance with the legal acceptance, and the defect processing. It is particularly worth mentioning that we do not leave your side, especially in difficult phases during a project. We support you through trained mediation and help you move forward in a solution-oriented manner. This breadth of services differentiates us from most of our competitors.

  • Wohnen im Park (Zum Exerzierhaus), Potsdam - sale, buyer support during the construction phase, acceptance, assistance in remedying defects - Exposé
  • Hofgartendomizil (Sellostrasse), Potsdam - sale, buyer support during the construction phase, acceptance, support in remedying defects - Exposé
  • Individually-owned apartments Oranienburg - legal acceptance support
  • Sale of various apartments from private owners
  • Object: Ribbeckstrasse 38, Potsdam – Exposé
Sondereigentumsverwaltung Potsdam Bürgli Treuhand

Sale of Global Assets

In cooperation with our partner Prisa Immobilienconsulting GmbH, we also broker larger portfolios to interested investors. We accompany the commercial due diligence, if requested. We match the right contact person and ensure a smooth process during the transaction.

Residential Real Estate (among others)
  • Sonnenallee, Berlin
  • Kienitzer Street, Berlin
  • Thomasstraße, Berlin
  • Löwenbergstraße, Berlin
  • Objects in Rostock
  • Objects in Leipzig
  • Objects in Halle
Commercial Real Estate (among others)
  • Sale TechLab, Munich - Business volume: € 70 million - Exposé
  • Sale of portfolio of 17 supermarkets - Business volume: €47 million -Pressenotiz
  • QuinTowers, Leipzig

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